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Gunung Kelud (Kelut)

Cool Facts!

Mt. Kelud
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Cool Facts!

Here you'll learn some very random facts about Gunung Kelud.
You'll probably even learn some things you didn't really want to know!
(especially if you're a conoissseur of fine papaya products!)

        Before the 1990 eruption, farmers and locals were offered a 50 thousand dollar compensation to leave their homes for safety (most are comfortable and have survived previous eruptions, so they choose not to evacuate when the area is placed on high alert)

o   One particular farmer who chose to take the compensation and leave his home ended up as a refugee and died slipping in a bathroom at one of the refugee camps. Now THAT’S the ultimate in irony, because the eruption itself killed only 30 of the slope population (40 000)


        Gross, but true. During long droughts on the slope, there is so little water that the plantations (where they grow papaya fruit) actually serve as latrines ( Mmmmmm….papaya! (ahh, and in cases this is SO UNBELIEVABLE that you’re inclined to check the definition of latrine, just click on the link above!)


        Mbah Muliyasih is a mystic elder who predicted the most recent eruption of Mt. Kelud in exchange for 12 cups of hot coffee and a pack of cigarettes. On November 7th, she predicted that Kelud would erupt within a week, and surely enough, it erupted on November 14th! How did she do it, you might ask? She travels 10 km every week to the crater of the mountain and offers this same "sacrifice" (haha) to the unseen spiritual god of Kelud. She swears that this ritual is what allows her to communicate with the mountain, allowing her to forsee any eruptions.


       Muliyasih (see above) also claims that as long as there are officials guarding Kelud and residents of the slopes living in shelters, she will not erupt. Only when their guards are down will the mighty mountain show its wrath.

by Victoria Gauthier (0330250)
Geology 1020
January 2008