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Gunung Kelud (Kelut)

A Quick History of Gunung Kelud
Mt. Kelud
Crater Lake
Chemical Composition
A Quick History Lesson
Cool Facts!

This is a brief note on the history of Kelud. Key information can be found in the table below.

The (Quick) History of Gunung Kelud


Since documented history, Mt. Kelud has been considered one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. Its first documented eruption, in 1919, claimed the lives of more than 15 000 victims, due primarily to the deadly flows of its lahars (Thouret et. al., 1997). However deadly that was, the eruption that occurred on February 10th, 1990, is the one that has been of such interest to volcanologists, because while it only took the lives of 32 people (Bourdier et. al., 1997), the lahars that developed due to the unusual crater lake at Mt. Kelud’s summit was the real phenomenon.

Figure 6: Timeline of Kelud's Key Events
Source: Bourdier, et. al., 1997

by Victoria Gauthier (0330250)
Geology 1020
January 2008